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Bullets - Brüdny Skürwiel - Thrashing Violence! (Cassette)

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  1. A bullet was found lodged in the mud. At a separate crime scene, investigators have found an unloaded gun that was presumed to have been left behind by two of the suspects. Students need to compare bullet striations to see if the bullet found outside the cabin was fired by the gun found by the police.
  2. The base of the bullet has to be bulged out to seal the barrel. There is a fancy word for this, obuvorate or something like that. If the base doesn't swell to seal, hot gases slip by and melt the side and the bullet bounces down the barrel. The harder the bullet metal (lead) the greater the pressures have to be.
  3. Officers chasing an armed suspect, year-old Tyrone banks, unleashing a storm of bullets. Thundering through a residential area, firing rounds at the scene in more than 30 seconds of nonstop.
  4. From: [email protected] (Norman F. Johnson) Newsgroups: bladeterrorzanntegal.xyzinfo Subject: tempering Date: Rich, # I have read a little about cast bullet tempering using a stove in # the Lyman Pistol and Revolver handbook and will like to hear from # others on this subject if you have tried it. # Will use of the kitchen oven, be dangerous to my life (RE: Wife)??

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