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Not Olden Days For Africa - Exempts E & The Trinity - Get Ready For Freedom (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Those who have not studied the doctrine of the Trinity never see it as a salvation issue because they do not understand exactly what it entails and the many implications. As we saw earlier, the Trinity doctrine claims that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three co-equal, co-eternal gods that are not .
  2. The term "Trinity" was coined by Theophile of Antioch, who lived in the second half of the second century, but it was the church leader Tertullian (ca. AD ) who made it popular. Tertullian emphasised the oneness of God: "one [divine] substance in .
  3. All things three and thrice is all: and let us use the number in the worship of gods; for as Pythagoreans say, everything and all things are bound by threes, for the end, the middle and the beginning have this number in everything, and these compose the three of Trinity. [Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall, Paganism in Our Christianity, , pp. ].
  4. In light of this prayer of Augustine addressed to the Lord, the one God, God the Trinity, our hope is also that this book may be used by the Lord to move the church one step closer to better understanding the doctrine of the Trinity in order to love the triune God more, and hopefully to a more faithful, awe-inspiring, and wondrous confession of.
  5. Just because the Trinity is an absolute mystery, it does not follow that we cannot know anything about it. As a matter of fact, we know quite a bit about the Trinity. It is a mystery, however, that can be known only as the result of revelation. The human mind, reflecting on the beauty and power of nature, could never arrive at the tri-personal.
  6. However, this does not make the doctrine of the Trinity an invalid doctrine. God the Father—Who planned out His creation, God the Son—the revealed member of the Trinity Who executed the plan of God, and the Holy Spirit—the unseen but real strength and power of the Trinity, are found in both the Old and New Testaments.
  7. Jan 01,  · Plus, it’s a two-for-one deal: If JWs get rid of the Trinity, they automatically get rid of Christ’s divinity as well. This little booklet could mislead Catholics who aren’t solid on Church history, the Bible, or logic. Dan: Well, help me out here. Mike: First, let’s shorten this JW title.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of African Revolution on Discogs.
  9. 1. A triangle—This is a fairly good example of the Trinity because it has three sides, and yet, it is one triangle which is indivisible. 2. Fire—A fire must have three things to exist. They are not the same, but if any ingredient is absent the fire ceases to be. These are: fuel, heat, and oxygen. a. Remove the fuel and the fire goes out. b.

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