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How Else

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  1. We use else after words beginning with any-, every-, no- and some-, to mean ‘other’, ‘another’, ‘different’ or ‘additional’. This group of words includes: anybody. everybody. nobody. somebody. anyone. everyone. no one.
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  3. Definition of how else in the bladeterrorzanntegal.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of how else. What does how else mean? Information and translations of how else in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  4. 1. used with 'someone', 'somewhere', and 'anything' You use else after words such as someone, somewhere, or anything to refer to another person, place, or thing, without saying which one. She had borrowed someone else's hat. Let's go somewhere else.
  5. An else clause (if at all exists) will be executed if the condition in the if statement results in false. The else can proceed another if test, so that multiple, mutually exclusive tests can be run at the same time. Each test will proceed to the next one until a true test is encountered. When a true test is found, its associated block of code is run, and the program then skips to the line following the entire if/else construction.
  6. Else. If you have only one statement to execute, one for if, and one for else, you can put it all on the same line: Example. One line if else statement: a = 2 b = print("A") if a > b else print("B").
  7. Else definition, other than the persons or things mentioned or implied: What else could I have done? See more.
  8. Spanish Translation of “how else?” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Over , Spanish translations of English words and phrases.

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