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  1. There is no way to deactivate Office Home & Student, Office Home & Business, Office Professional, or individual Office apps. Instead, you must reinstall and activate using the process described in Activate after reinstalling Office.
  2. As verbs the difference between inactivate and deactivate is that inactivate is to make inactive while deactivate is (ergative) to make something inactive or no longer effective.
  3. How to Deactivate All PlayStation ® Systems from the Web. The deactivation process can only be performed every 6 months. To re-activate the deactivated device, activate it by selecting [Account Management] on the device you'd like to activate.
  4. The process to deactivate Instagram account similar to how you can deactivate your Facebook account. It doesn’t delete your data and you can re-login anytime to activate your Instagram account. One thing to note here though, you can’t deactivate Instagram account from the mobile app either on Android or iOS. You will have to access.
  5. Nov 27,  · Go to your Reddit preferences and choose the deactivate tab at the top of the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate your account.
  6. Define deactivate. deactivate synonyms, deactivate pronunciation, deactivate translation, English dictionary definition of deactivate. tr.v. de·ac·ti·vat·ed, de·ac·ti·vat·ing, de·ac·ti·vates 1. To render inactive or ineffective. 2. To inhibit, block, or disrupt the action of.
  7. May 03,  · Before you deactivate your cat, keep in mind that you should only attempt to do this when it's necessary, like if you're trimming your cat's claws or giving it medicine. To get started, remove your cat's collar if it's wearing one and grab the scruff, or loose skin, at the back of your cat's bladeterrorzanntegal.xyzinfo: K.
  8. 3 synonyms of deactivate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for deactivate. Deactivate: to cause to stop functioning.

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