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Spiteful Urinator - Work Crimes (CDr)

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  6. Spiteful Urinator is affiliated with infamous New Zealand doom trio Open Tomb. Although, Spiteful Urinator deal in far brisker punked-up metal on solid gold piles of bile like the band’s Work Crimes album. Together, Trepanation and Spiteful Urinator’s split from earlier this year is the perfect meeting of similarly misanthropic and murderous minds.
  7. Work Crimes by Spiteful Urinator, released 09 June 1. Work Crimes 2. Suffocating Panic 3. Bonus Hate 4. Too Many Churches 5. Q:Punk A:Shit! 6. S.Y.F.W.P.B 7. Misery Guts 8. The Mayor 9. Fuck Off & Die Turds Restricted Extinction Recorded March and April @ Studio Blasphemy. We are not Canadian!

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